TriggerFit HCG Shots Fort Lauderdale Weight Loss HCG Shots Dr. Peter L. Babinski, MD.

Lose up to a pound of Fat per day or more!

Sometimes losing weight can be a challenge. Our mission at TriggerFit is to help you with the challenge of achieving your weight loss goals; easily, quickly, safely and effectively.



Our commitment to high quality service and access to the latest scientific technology allows us to offer 23 and 45 day hcg diet programs that help patients lose an average of 1/2 pound per day, often more. With only the highest quality hcg on the market and the medical supervision of our medical director Peter L. Babinski, diabetes and hypertension conditions are often improved or eradicated and patients describe and increased sense of well being upon completion of of their programs and best of all it's easy to keep the weight off.


No Pills, no shakes

This is not another fad diet. TriggerFit is confident we can help you lose weight and change your relationship to food while eating real foods and losing excess fat. No shakes, no over processed diet meals so when the time comes you can maintain your new level of health and fitness easily and smoothly.

Consultations are free and we are happy to give information over the phone, there is no obligation. If you've been struggling with excess weight give us a call today to see if TriggerFit is right for you!

Please bear with us as our site is currently under construction. When it is up and running there will lots more to explore here but for now please feel free to call us with questions or schedule a consultation to learn more about what Triggerfit can do to help you reach your weight loss goals.
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